Need Gift Advice

Am just so behind on the Gifting this year. Have NO IDEAS for anyone really! Not even for myself!! (and that, my Superficial Sisters, is a first! lol) Anyway, I bought something for 12 today and I’m now thinking it’s more of a MFC gift. MFC is “Merry F*cking Christmas” MFC gifts are ones that seem nice and yet have a mean little bite to them. Like giving someone clothing in a size you know is too small. MFC! Or, a box of nicotine patches for someone who has no intentions of quitting the cancer sticks! MFC! Or, here’s an excellent example: the year I was pregnant with 12, the ever-thoughtful Frug gave a me a treadmill! Merry F*CKING Christmas!  Thanks for growing me a child but don’t get FAT!

So, I got a Zeno Hot Spot for 12. I’m semi-obsessed w/his skin. I’ve always sworn that I would never let my kids have pizza faces, kwim? However, I also said I’d never let my kids run around with snotty noses or play video games and we all saw how that turned out. *rolls eyes* Anyway, his skin is fine-ish. He’s had some blackhead issues and one WHOPPER of a zit…(he let me pop it – trust me the thing was begging to be popped – and it exploded white goo in three directions!  It was one of the most satisfying experiences I have ever had *smiles fondly*)

Where was I?  So, the Zeno Hot Spot is a heat treatment thing for pimples – supposed to heal them within hours. I saw it, and thought “Hey, 12 could use this!” AND it was on sale AND I had an extra $5 off coupon – it was a bargain! But, now that I have it at home, I’m thinking it’s very MFC. No 12 year old boy will open a zit killing device on Christmas morning and be filled with joy, right?? (any of my PMHS friends remember saying “Thanks a Bunch, Bitch!”???)

Well, I guess I don’t need advice, do I? I can’t give him the Zeno Hot Spot as a gift, can I?? *sighs* Back to the drawing board, I s’pose. (and, no,  I am NOT returning it!  Just b/c it’s not a gift doesn’t mean that little zit face is saved from my home facials! *chuckles evilly*)

Zeno HOT SPOT Blemish Clearing Device.


6 thoughts on “Need Gift Advice

  1. OMG…ROTFL. Just read this to Damoan…His two comments.
    1. When I read the zit popping, he said. “That’s so you.”
    2. She’s pretty damn funny.

    I say the Zeno for 12 should be a stocking stuffer. My daughter’s stockings are filled with MFC items. New toothpaste, deordorant, and razors. LOL

    • My mom was all about the practical stocking and so am I! I do get creative and put items like ear wax remover in the Frug’s stocking! Lol

  2. Agreed. Great stocking stuffer. I got Jack the Spanish version of Rosetta Stone at Costco for Christmas a few weeks ago and subsequently realized it’s a MFC gift. It’s in his room right now. He hasn’t opened it.

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