It’s December 1st

MFWTF? JFC! WTF? FML! December 1st??!! How did this happen? I still have a mini pumpkin in my porch! (no, really!) So so SO much to do!!!

In addition to my daily To Do’s and the Christmas Must Do’s, here are some of my other thoughts…


  • Get a good tree at a “fun” place — the Frug likes to “make memories” and the Lions Club tree lot isn’t too memorable 😉
  • Live “in the now” — maybe stop worrying for 5 minutes and enjoy today. Is that too hard? (*whispers* yes, it’s hard)
  • Be nice to the Frug — I know I’m not the only one who gets a little snarky and snippy when deadlines loom and le shit is about to hit le fan — Christmas time is chock full o’those times! Gonna try to remember that the Frug and I are on the same team! 😉
  • Get to the gym or do something physical (shopping doesn’t count? Or does it??) each day. My thought process is that even if I don’t end up doing it daily, it might end up being 4 days, or even 3. Right?? Agree with me now.
  • Eat from food groups outside of the carb and fat categories. Again, this is hard.
  • Do a whole-assed decorating of the house — as opposed to my traditional half-assed.
  • Try to write a little something each day. It makes me feel connected, kwim?  Even thought I feel like no one reads it!  (then imagine my chagrin when I realize that yes, people have read it and they are appropriately horrified by it! lol)


  • Drink too damn much. The last thing I need is to “lose a day” when there’s so much to do!!
  • Get sick! Vitamin C and zinc daily!! And stay away from sick people!  (easier said than done, right?!)
  • Get too crazy with the cookie baking. I love to bake and I end up making 37 kinds of cookies when just a few varieties are “necessary” (again, this goes against my nature!)
  • Leave the house looking like a Homeless Old Whore. Was caught looking like a HOW by “B” yesterday (won’t use her name in case doesn’t want to be associated with this kind of blog!)…Who knew I’d run into a Superficial Sister at Pentagon City?! She looked perfect, as always, with her hair done and a cute winter coat on, carrying fun shopping bags! I had on workout gear and had a “messy bun” aka rats nest hair…was so mortified I could barely speak!

So, that’s all for now…Mommy Duties call…and I must answer. *sighs*


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