Christmas Card Fail(s)

Was so sure that this was going to be a banner year for all my Christmas joy! House sparkling, brimming w/holiday decorations! Gorgeous Christmas cards!  Incredible homemade cookies baked with love! Family all together singing Christmas Carols! The Frug buying me a Cartier Tank Watch! *whirling* *twirling* *fa la la la la*

*Bitch Slap* Oh, hello there, REALITY.

Tonight’s lament is devoted to the Christmas Cards.

Ordered cards BEFORE Thanksgiving! First time ever. First time ordering in November even.

Printed the labels. (a WIN carried over from last year — having an actual database of addresses is so nice! Who knew?! Amazing) Had some address changes and some additions — no deletions…so far. *arches eyebrow*

I’ve decided that there wasn’t a “Printing Fail”. The faint red lines running across the labels are “festive”, not a sign that I need to replace the ink cartridge. Hello Denial, my old friend. *singing*

Labeling and stuffing…and we have Envelope Fail. It seems that my pals at Shutterfly have shorted me by about 30 envelopes. *sighs*  What are the chances that they’ll say “Oh, we are so sorry, Mrs. Superficial! We’ll get more envelopes out to you right away!”???? Slim and none, join my party!

Return address labels? Ran out of my cute family labels! Have decided it just doesn’t matter and I am going to use some of the freebie labels we got from St. Jude’s. It feels wrong though! *wails*

Final fail? Using everyday postage stamps. Not Christmas ones.

Judge away, judgers. *hangs head in shame*

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