Mommy Taxi

You think I was kidding about the “Mommy Taxi” on Wednesday, mid-FM Week?

7:30am Drive 12 to school (9 is along for the ride for logistical purposes)

8am Drop 9 at speech

(play “travel agent” for the Frug who is doing a non-comedic version of Planes Trains and Automobiles)

8:45am Get 9 at speech and drive to school

9am-1pm Highlight – lovely long hot shower in utter silence! Otherwise, misc. boring housewife duties – errands, dishes, laundry, blah blah blah

1:26pm Pick up 9 at school

2pm Pick up 12 at school

2:30-4:30pm misc. B/S at home (homework, dodging complaints, etc)

4:45pm Take 9 to OT

5pm Drop 12 at friend’s house for ride to Cotillion

5:45pm pick 9 up at OT and get dinner

7:30pm Get 12 and friend at Cotillion

7:45pm Drop friend off and drive 12 to basketball

8:20pm Drop 12 at basketball practice

8:30-9:15pm Run home, get 9 cleaned up and jammied

9:30pm Pick 12 up at basketball

9:45pm HOME for the night

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2 thoughts on “Mommy Taxi

  1. Same here..only subtistute voice, dance and rehearsals for speech, OT and basketball….add in work and have the last pick up be about 10:30 p.m. Yes, more driving and later times are all you have to look forward to. Sorry.

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