The Plan

Okay, I think I’m going to be able to pull this Christmas thing off…just have to make some adjustments in the everyday routines around here.

I’ve decided to limit the family to:

1 outfit per day…no jammies, they can sleep in their clothes (What? You’ve never done that?)

1 cup, 1 plate (no utensils – we have opposable thumbs for a reason, people)

1 question per day. Only 1, so use it wisely. (this goes along with my 1 Last Nerve)

1 activity per day (no more racing from 1 event to the next)

No adding ANYTHING to my daily schedule. The answer is NO. (actually, it’s F*ck No but it’s Christmas, kwim?)

And, if you want or need something that’s out of the ordinary, the answer is either NO (see above for the real answer) OR DO IT YOURSELF.

Seems reasonable, right?

Oh, and if *I* ask *you* a question or need something, the answer better be YES.  Or there will be consequences.

Universe be warned.




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