Have you SEEN these? Skeggings. They are leggings with a little skater type skirt attached…as worn here by the anorexic Tori Spelling.

Kind of adorable on her. She’s wearing leggings but the skater skirt thingy covers her hoohah and makes it more socially acceptable. Right?

I have a love/hate thing with leggings, as you know. I want to wear them AND look good in them. Why is that so hard?! *whines*

I think part of the issue with leggings and the ‘which top do I wear?‘ angst is the Butt. If you have any sort of butt (not even a Bubble, just a normal, average butt), the top sort of poofs out over it. Making it look shorter in the back. Case in point — I had one my one pair of leggings the other day with a cute cowl neck tunic I got at Target…I thought I looked semi-cute…youthful, cute-but-casual, kwim?  Then I looked in a full length mirror and saw this:

Yes, the f*cking dancing hippos from Fantasia. Tutu trying to cover the butt and failing. FAILING.

I think that, as interesting as the skeggings are, I should leave that look for the Tori Spelling’s of the world. Right?? ‘Cause “Dancing Hippo” is so not the look I’m ever striving for. *sighs*

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One thought on “Skeggings?

  1. Saw Tori in Vegas at Caesar’s in August. She’s really not that skinny. It’s weird. I thought she looked great. Dean’s dreamy, but I hear it’s best if he doesn’t open his mouth.
    I’ve never listened to him talk so I have no idea??

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