Quick Note

Want to share my joy that KPR had her little Christmas Miracle Baby!! She got preggo after our Girls’ Weekend last spring. I like to think that the red wine and girly bonding (and watching New Moon) made her womb extra fluffy and cozy for him!! Yes, HIM! Selfishly pleased that it’s a boy…would have been hard for a nice Pennsylvania Yankee like KPR to raise a Southern Belle *winks*

Congrats and love to you, Mama!! Xoxoxoxo

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3 thoughts on “Quick Note

  1. I think this is your best post in a long time!!! So, so happy for you KPR!!! And can’t wait to meet little man! When’s that happening Kel? 🙂

  2. OH Kellybex…if you dont get on a plane to visit KPR with the Tinas….than I WILL……
    Now if THAT didnt do it….nothing will….haa !!

    Love and congrats to KP !!!!! xoxo

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