Sweet Remembrance or Effing Morbid?

Got a text from the uber-sweet, beautiful and talented Ashlee on Christmas Eve…”just got an ornament with a photo of my dead mother on it” I’m like “W.T.F.???”…and then she texts back saying “and you’re getting one too” OMFG. Really?

Is this something normal people do? Is this a “thing” now? ‘Cause I have NEVER heard of it. And, I sincerely wish I never had!

Spent the rest of the night trying to envision the Ornaments of Death…I saw round white ornaments with faded photos of deceased loved ones. So festive, so very merry.

Then, I pictured these fun little Balls of Death on a Charlie Brown-esque tree…a sad, dying tree with a few scraggly branches…with all the Dead Relative Balls hanging, making the branches droop even further.

The Tree of Death —  On the next Martha Stewart! How to depress the bejesus out of your holiday guests!

It takes the concept of MFC to a whole new level, doncha think??


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