Top Snipes of Christmas

Christmas is a tension-filled time for some. For others, Christmas is filled with joy and wonder at the birth of Jesus. Hmm, where does my life fall? Or fail as it were…

I’ve been reliving the last month or so in my head…here are some  comments that stand out to me:

So, are you walking the dog today? The Frug to me, implying that I am slacking on dog walking duties. Cue *eye roll* and *glare*

So, can you maybe wear something with sleeves? The Frug to me, hinting broadly that perhaps my upper arms need to be covered up. *muttering expletives*

Whoa ho! Nice ass, Aunt Kel! Ashlee to me upon seeing my butt in jeans.  Please note that this was NOT a compliment.

OMG, you are officially middle aged! Nephew to me, commenting on my perhaps not-cool Bjorn clogs.

I’m going to refer to you as “The Drop Out.” Me to nephew after hearing his plans to “transfer” from his current college to another…at a future date TBD.

I am not going to let your damn dogs to keep shitting all over my house! Brother (father) to Ashlee regarding her sweet chihuahuas who didn’t want to go do their dirty biz outside during the snowstorm!

I think I’m going to gauge your mood based on the size of that zit on the side of your nose. It is angry today. Me to 12. 🙂

This bed is a complete fail. 9 after spending the night on the floor in a sleeping bag.

So, what do you have going on today? Anything??? The Frug to me, daily throughout the Christmas season…implying sloth.  It made me feel stabby each time he said it.

Is he ready to go back yet? MIL indicating she was ready for our visit to be over!

So, it’s 10am, guess you’re not going to the gym today? The Frug to me, after he finished his own workout.

So, when are you going to the gym? About 20 minutes after the first time he asked.

Gonna hit the gym today? No, but I may hit someone today.

Small sampling of snark. Jealous of my joyousness? *giggles*


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