Happy New Year, Superficialistas!

For once, I am starting the new year NOT hungover! Woot! Now, before you shoot me down with evil eye lasers, I’m clean and sober today because of my New Year’s Eve Eve antics. To quote Wrench, I really “drank myself a personality” that night! O-u-c-h!! Why do hangovers hurt more now than when we were younger? Another super-fun side effect of aging??

Anyway, today’s going to be spent doing some dechristmasification around the house and perhaps in quiet contemplation. Gotta think about my plan for 2011. I’m sure I’ll have the standard items on the resolution list (although by calling them resolutions it’s almost guaranteeing failure, kwim?)…get to the gym, eat healthier, be nicer to the Frug and the kids yada yada yada.

So, HFNY babies!! 😉

**inaugural post on the iPad!!**


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