Control Freakery Abounds!


On my Highrise account yesterday (you may recall that Highrise as the way the Frug “assigns” tasks to me *groans*), the Frug requested that I get a new Christmas ornament storage container (or as he says “a Christmas ball box”).  This meant that I had to visit that scary, scary place – The Container Store!  I get hives when I walk in! All those strange organized things! Where is my comforting clutter?!  I keep waiting for the organizing “people” to capture me and tie me to a chair to watch creepy Swedish organizing porn! My eyes! My eyes! *giggles*

Anyway, bought said container (big enough for 75 ornaments!  Which is about 60 more than the Frug even wants!) and the Frug assembled the little cardboard slotted thingys for me. We were watching the Sugar Bowl to catch a glimpse of Vicki who was performing there with her high school band! (we did see her 2x – she was “woo-ing” like a pro!) So, I start de-decorating the tree…and the Frug starts micro-managing me. “Cow, don’t you think that you should take the balls off from that side first?” “Cow, you know you can double up the balls” and he even came over and took out a few of the ones I put away and put them in different holes! If you want to do it yourself, PLEASE DO!!! I can understand if he cared about where the decorations were placed ON the tree, kwim? But to care how they were taken OFF?! This was a bit much, even for him!

Oh, one more nitpicky thing (who, me?! lol). Le Frug doesn’t have ornaments for the tree. He calls them “balls“, whether or not they are actual balls. Little snowman? Balls. Snoopy or Spongebob? Balls. “Cow, we need to get the box for the balls” “We need more balls over here” “Cow! Did you buy more NEW balls!” *snorts* My inner 12 year old snickered each time. And my actual 12 year old snickered right along with me!

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