Customer Service Woes and Hell Noes

I miss the Christmas shopping season for many reasons. Mostly b/c the stores actually had STAFF! You could go in and get someone to actually help you (which I usually hate and want them to GTF away from me!) or simply grab the item and have an actual person at the register who had the ability to take the transaction without having to get the freaking manager. (Was that the longest sentence EVER?! lol)

It was disconcerting though *narrows eyes* at Macy’s and *waves* at Lord and Taylor. After a while you kind of get used to being ignored there. Now that I’m thinking about it, they should really have self-checkout there for as useless as the “customer service” is, kwim?


Did have a little funny at Macy’s tho…was flying thru the fragrance area (avoiding the “helpful” staff *snorts*)

Me: *head down*

Sales Clown: “excuse me, ma’am??

Me: *glares at the ma’am thing* and *walks faster*

Sales Tool:  “Anything from Jessica Simpson tickle your fancy?”

Me: *unladylike snort* “NO!

Honestly, who wants to smell like JS? Especially now in her Baby Beluga phase?  Same reason I’m not interested in anything from the Britney Spears line (smells like cray cray and makes you want to shave your head and beat things with an umbrella ella ella)

You know what? I’m realizing that I actually wanted to chit chat about a TERRIBLE customer servicing (hehe) at the GAP…*sighs*…I guess that’ll be another post!

Happy Saturday, Superficialistas!


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