Kate Hudson Is Pregnant! – Moms & Babies – UsMagazine.com

WHAT???  I wonder if she’s sure who the Baby Daddy is! Girlfriend is a ho fo sho.

Editing back in…so, can we say “Paternity Test”?? I like the guy from Muse whatever-his-name-is. He’s on the wee side but uber-talented so that makes up for it, right? And Kate does like the rock stars. Hell, she likes everyone, right? Athletes, rockers, actors. Bitch is an equal opportunity ho.

And what of her firstborn? That poor kid has had to deal with boyfriend after boyfriend. And now a new sibling??

And her new boobs?!  Let’s not forget about them!  She just paid ’em off, for God’s sake! 😉 She could have just waited for the Pregnancy Boob Fairy to visit!

Kate, Kate, Kate.

Does no one in Hollywood believe in birth control?? Okay, Kate…maybe the Pill made you puffy…how ’bout a condom??  (her myriad partners should really insist on ’em, doncha think?!)

Maybe all of Hollywood is very strict Catholic.

*falls on floor crying with laughter*

*wipes tears from eyes*

So, who’s next on the Pregnancy Bandwagon? Getting awfully crowded…


Kate Hudson Is Pregnant! – Moms & Babies – UsMagazine.com.

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One thought on “Kate Hudson Is Pregnant! – Moms & Babies – UsMagazine.com

  1. Hmm…maybe it’s actually Owen Wilsons…he’s claiming to have a babe on the way, right !??
    THAT would make a great story….;-)

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