Introducing Flynn Kerr-Bloom

Sweet Baby Jesus. Apparently Miranda Kerr had a 9 lb 12 oz baby without drugs. WHAT?!  Not even when the gigantic head ripped her vahoohah apart?! (and when they had to stitch said hoohah back up?!?!) I have to go find out how tall she is….okay, I’m back. She’s 5’9″. Not an overly big woman. OUCH.

Maybe she’s lying. I hope she is. No drugs?? Really? And then WHY? Drugs are goooood!  Especially if you’re trying to squeeze out a monster like THAT.

Michael K from Dlisted has his usual flowery prose in his post 😉 Mostly mocking the Kerr-Bloom last name! It’s like Ah-Choo! or Ka-Boom! *snorts* Stupid celebrities.

Introducing Flynn Kerr-Bloom.


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