Octomom — The Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos

My eyes!!  My eyes! Bring me the bleach!!!! 


In today’s What the F*CK? news, Octomom did a fetish video. Not a tame toe sucking one like that NFL coach (btw, much ado about NOTHING with that story IMHO). She is clad in leather (btw, girlfriend looks hot after having eleventy five kids) and is WHIPPING a guy dressed in a diaper and a baby bonnet. And she filmed this in her HOME?!!!

Is this erotic?? I know everyone has their own ideas of what’s sexy and who am I to judge BUT… this? It seems more like comedy. Or tragedy 😉

Octomom — The Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos.

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3 thoughts on “Octomom — The Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos

  1. Plus pictures of her before, she doesn’t look the same. I’m telling you, Oprah was 2 inches from her face looking at her eyelashes telling her they were fake and she was denying that saying they were her own. It was good TV.

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