All Hail Tina!

Happy – age deleted by request – Birthday, Tina!

Tina is the kind of friend that can incite Facebook riots over who can wish her a Happy Birthday first. *glares* at Hope “Cheater Pants”…you have the damn Relative card, must you resort to cheating like that?! *narrows eyes*

Anyway, thought I would “give” Tina a few of her Favorite Things for her birthday…the Frug being well, the Frug, these are virtual presents in lieu of actual ones 😉


Bermuda again!

Not pink. *sighs*

Well, Mr. Abs is 18 now at least

This is what I found Googling "having hair played with"


Oh, and Husband, Family, Children, Jesus, etc. *smiles*

Hope you had a great day!!!

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7 thoughts on “All Hail Tina!

  1. SCARY how well you know me!!! Thank you for my very own Superficial post! Oh, and I do enjoy your little “competition”. Makes me feel very loved! 🙂

  2. I’m the dirty blond in the pink tank top – right? The funniest thing is that I just checked out the post to see if there was a bday shout-out. Imagine my surprise at a full blog! I must come up with someway to redeem myself as best bridesmaid!


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