Tiny Wins Make Living in the Tundra Bearable

Win #1 — Overcame my evil Rejection Streak with the folks at Urban Dictionary ! My new word is Tweetsturbate!

You’ve just replied to yourself on Twitter…that’s Tweetsturbating! (tweet + masturbate). Similar to writing on your own Wall on Facebook. It’s a faux pas. It just isn’t done.

Win #2 — also from Twitter — and btw, please don’t follow me on Twitter, the stuff I post there makes this blog look G rated…Anyway, I got an email from Nordies alerting me to some NEW SPRING SHOES!! *screeches*  Looking at the shoes made me feel hopeful…like Spring will actually come..someday. I found a pair that gave me a shuddering shoegasm…Take a gander at these Vera Wang’s:


A veritable steal at $425, right? *rolls eyes* BUT I LOVE THEM! Can’t you just see me in them??? *sighs*

So, I tweeted about them…and @Nordstrom saw my tweet and re-tweeted it to ALL of their followers!!! Almost 99,000 people follow @Nordstrom. And they ALL saw something *I* said. I am drunk on my newfound power. *giggles*

@Nordstrom A resounding “YES” to those shoes. RT @kelysuperficial: Sweet Mary Mother of Shoegasms http://bit.ly/fHU856

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