It’s a Kelly Day!! (or is it?)

Both kids are at school today! *twirls and dances* I have not been child-free since Sunday, January 23rd!!!! And, I was homebound with a snotty diseased child that whole time! *whines*

So, today…it’s supposed to be a Kelly Day because I’m FREE! (free fallin’…sing it with me, sistahs!) but, thanks to the 3 days of snow/aftermath…today was a Get Shit Done Day. First stop, the DMV. My driver’s license expires on my bday (which is a week from tomorrow)! Eeek! So, in I went…forgetting that it was a) MONDAY and b) the last day of the month!  Line was out the damn door. FML.  But, I went in b/c I had to. I got called up and the person was very nice AND spoke real English, which is an unexpected bonus.  Since I wear contacts/glasses, I had to take the eye exam…which is a JOKE btw…read one line? (however, there was a guy before me – young guy – who didn’t pass the eye test! He seemed stunned!)  Anyway, I said to the lady, “well, at least I can use the same picture” and she said “nope“….TINA!!!! Tina told me she was able to use her old picture if she wanted so I went in there today, unshowered, hair in a ponytail, no makeup, and workout clothes. *screams*

I am usually uber-prepared for these pics b/c they have to last 5 years, kwim?? My last one was taken in July a few years back…I had fresh highlights, perhaps a smidge or 10 of botulism between the brows, tasteful tan, cute outfit. *sighs* I have actually gotten compliments on my driver’s license photo! Not this time…I ripped my hair out of the ponytail, fluffed my bangs (which I cut myself about a week ago – so, you know how sweet they must look!), smeared some lip gloss on…she tells me I can “smile but no teeth” which is a guaranteed chipmunk cheek situation, kwim? FAIL. Snaps the pic…and she says “well, at least it’ll be in black and white”….TERRIFIC. Even the DMV lady knows it’s Le Suck. *shakes head sadly*  This ordeal took about an hour of my life and they will mail the new license to me. She said I could shred my old one or keep it as a souvenir. A souvenir of what? My lost youth????

Since I’d already lost my Kelly Day mojo, I then went to Costco…figured if my soul had already been sucked out by the DMV, Costco couldn’t hurt me…right?! lol  Have decided that it’s Masochist Monday…’cause apparently I like pain! Just another Masochist Monday…wish it were Sunday, ’cause that’s my Fun Day …*singing*

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