Jeggings, Shmeggings: Meet “Pajama Jeans” :

This is more for LAURIE who was begging people on Facebook to STOP her from buying Pajama Jeans.  This is my Official STOP.

I have to say they look pretty damn comfy. But, c’mon, nothing says “I’ve completely given up” like Pajama Jeans! In college, a friend of ours lost weight and immediately got rid of her comfy sweats and leggings…her reasoning? When you’re wearing stretchy pants, you don’t realize just how freaking BIG you’re getting!  If you wear jeans or regular pants, you notice when they get a bit snug and (hopefully!) do something about it!

Another nail in the coffin for these, for me at least, is that my mom would have LOVED them. *shrieks* Elastic waist? Check. Super comfy? Check. Boner Killer? Check. Honestly, the next step after these is her “wash and wear” Spock hair cut, Easy Spirit sneakers and her old Egghead Sweatshirt…

Jeggings, Shmeggings: Meet “Pajama Jeans” :


3 thoughts on “Jeggings, Shmeggings: Meet “Pajama Jeans” :

  1. LOL!! I was thinking that they were def. a sign of giving up, but then I thought of leggings and got a little confused!!!!!

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