Just a Warning

Hang in there with me –
the next few day’s posts are going to be whiny and panicky and annoying.

The big 4-effing-5 is on Tuesday…and my self-loathing is at a new high and the self-esteem is plummeting! I do an “inventory” of sorts on my bday. You know, how’s the hair? How’s the ass holding up? You know, normal stuff *laughs* This year, the results are not pretty. They are shiteous. *sighs*

Am sitting in the chair getting my roots done, lamenting the percentage of gray hairs…and sitting in front of a mirror or 3+ hours is not time well-spent for me. I wonder if Danny could foil me whilst I walk on the treadmill at a steep incline? I suppose squats and sit-ups and hair dye wouldn’t mix well though?

Gotta run (hehe literally) so, I’m posting this upbeat ditty in haste. Forgive the typos and possibly weird wording. Blame fat fingered typing on the iPhone!

Happy Friday! 😉


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