Not sure how to react?

Should I be offended? Laugh? Be grateful?

I usually don’t get a blow dry after my root job. (sorry, “Root Job” sounds rude…having my brown/gray roots colored and highlights touched up – Root Job for short) It’s an extra $40!  (btw, that pisses me off!  Just add it into my service $ please. Or, let’s think about it…seeing how the color looks when dry should be part of it…doncha think? *sighs*)

Today, however, I decided to do the blow dry. The Frug and I are going out for my birthday tomorrow night. I wanted to see the Wizards play so we’re going!  Woot! (I heart basketball – it’s truly THE most exciting sport!  Fast paced! Anything can happen! Tall TALL men! And, it’s indoors!  Not awful foul-weather-gear needs to be worn!) And, I knew we would be going out to dinner as a family tonight to celebrate 12’s FIRST time on the Honor Roll – 2 “special occasions” mean Good Hair is a Must, right?

Anyway, I also needed to have my self-cut bangs fixed. In a fit of C-r-a-z-y last week, I cut my bangs. Don’t judge, everyone does it!!! *glares* EVERYONE!  So, they needed to be slightly fixed 😉 The very nice, very young boy assigned to me asked what I needed to have done and I said ‘Blow Dry and Bang Fix” and he said ‘Do you need a trim?” and I said “NO” (a – it’s another $35 on top of the freaking $40 blow dry and b – I’m still recovering from the hellacious trim I got in September – a Carol Brady mullet – when I said “please do NOT cut the sides short”, the guy must have heard “Please PLEASE cut the sides so short that they make my face look porcine and like a flashback to the 70s”)  He nodded and did the blow dry first – gotta hand it to him, most people cut first and then dry and my freakish waves SPROING up and make all cuts seem like double, kwim?

He raked thru the hair, pulling it this way and that way…with his eyes narrowed…and then he got out his scissors and said “Sorry, I NEED to do this!”…and he proceeded to trim it! Not much but he kept frowning at the uneven layers and the ratty ends! He was muttered “I can’t just look at this! It’s like seeing someone on TV with bad roots or frizzy ends!”  Didn’t charge me for it either! lol  I’m a little bit in love with him now 😉

Gave him a healthy tip.

So pleased with the color (a bit lighter just to give me a mid-winter boost, kwim?) and the impromptu trim and the stellar blow dry!!! Took self-portraits in the car. Obnoxious, I know. But, the hair is so seldom a WIN, I had to capture it in its glory!


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