Ah, yes…45…

*round-off — back handspring — back tuck — split* and *jazz hands*

Hola Superficialistas! It is I, the ancient one. Having a fantabulous day…some sloth (sorry, Otis, Mama is taking today OFF!), some shopping, some pleasure (massage!), and a little pain (had to get that nasty Alaskan ripped out into a more acceptable Brazilian *giggles*), and gifts!  What more could a girl want!?! (other than my youth back, right?!?!?!)

Have been *purring* over the Facebook birthday greetings…seriously, isn’t it that the BEST?!  I love the reminders – no excuses! And over on Twitter, some people changed their “avis” to help celelbrate my bday:

I also got some Robert “gifts” from Jen (even though “I just don’t get it” *sighs*) and Kellie (who so gets it!)!

*cackling* LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Well, have to go for now…the Frug and the kids and I are headed out to dinner…have to get cleaned up (waxy bits are stuck to my undies right now – TMI? nah!)…

So far, this birthday thing is okay…I predict the crash tomorrow is going to be brutal tho.

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