Waxing and Gifting and Birthdays, Oh My!

My theme sing today is “Back to Life, Back to Reality“…and Reality? She is a bitch!


People have been clamoring/begging for more deets on my glorious bday…How could I possibly deny my people? *giggles*

The massage I got was an accupressure one…it’s more like a visit to the chiropractor!  And the massage itself is hardcare…none of that feather soft tickly massage for me!  Waxing the vahoohah was uneventful…until she said, “we’re doing those brows today, right??” FML.  Gee, I guess so! And while she was at it, I asked her to do the upper lip/chin. Noticed she went back to the lip and was checking it over. And she started putting more wax on…and it was in my NOSE. J.F.C. She waxed the inner rim of my nose b/c apparently I have @_$(&% nose hair! Noticable nose hair. Can life be anymore humiliating? How much lower can I sink? (do not answer that)

After that horror, I had to pick the kidlets up…and then it was PRESENT TIME. *dances* Yes, I am a child and I need my presents!!! Le Frug struggles with gift giving. First of all, he used to (note the use of past tense) think that it was singular – GIFT. Um, no. I require more than one present. Why? I’m selfish, spoiled and childish, that’s why. Plus, what if said singular gift sucks and then I have to swallow my bitter disappointment all day? And I am not a swallower! hahahaha *dies laughing*

Where was I? Ah yes…pressie time! I asked him where he shopped…answer? REI. Oh dear. Expectations sink accordingly 😉 He went with a theme, a travel theme, which is appropriate this year since we have TWO big trips coming up!  Dominican Republic AND Italy! Woot!  First up? An interesting shirt. Sort of sheer – he said it would be nice for the hot climate. Okay. Next was a travel purse…quite cute with lots of pockets for travel documents and lip gloss and sunscreen…and yet still small b/c I hate lugging a giant purse around…he also stuck a pocket sized Italian phrase book (which I shan’t need b/c I am already practically fluent in Italian thanks to my Rosetta Stone! *giggles*) The final gift?! A really nice suitcase. Not romantic, I know. But, I actually did ask for this. I have been using the freebie “Beaches” suitcases from 10 years ago and they are literally falling apart. Anyway, the suitcase is a roomy wheeled duffle with lots of pockets and pouches…which I searched…and looked into every crevice…looking for that Cartier Tank Watch that I also asked for…*sighs deeply* Perhaps he’s saving that for Valentine’s Day?

Then we went to dindin en famille and I had a few wines and all was good. However comma had to share(!! WTF?) my brownie sundae with the Frug. And he is a HOG. *growls*

All in all, 45 is starting out well! 😉

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One thought on “Waxing and Gifting and Birthdays, Oh My!

  1. Sounds great to me especially being ugly luggage challenged.However, must share some distressing news.When I turned 50 ( TEN YEARS AGO) you big baby, a friend gave me a bday gift of a Swedish facial and massage.The enormous Russian technician ,MONA informed me of nose hair.She took care of it then told me to buy a ROTARY NOSE CLIPPER!!!!So, I did at Brookstone I think.So bad but gotta say, I still use it every few months.At least I do not have old man EAR hair.I do not think women get that? Praying!

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