Friday Fails and Flails

Irritating day for me. Had a microdermabrasion scheduled (thanks, Groupon!) for 11am. Left my house at 10:40 thinking, “it’s only 3.5 miles from here, I’m fine”. Got there at 11 effing 30. *sighs* I called them at 10:55 when I realized I was doomed…had to reschedule.

Decided to go to the mall…had a bday coupon from Victoria’s Secret for $10 off and I needed a new black bra so I figured “be frugal and use that coupon!”…was laughing my tail off at the men stumbling and fumbling in there. Valentine’s Day shopping!  How hellacious for a man!  Lmao! I saw one man looking over the flannel pajama sets that were on sale — I wanted to smack him upside the head! Another guy was so cute…he had on his bluetooth thingy and he was obviously talking to a buddy, seeking advice, as he shopped! Btw, Frugalistas, spend $75 and get a free box of Godiva chocolates!  mmm

I’m looking a specific bra. No lining at all…no padding. No push up pads. I HATE big boobs (on me!! Calm down, my big boobed friends!)…I want them mashed down, hidden, not making me look like I’m shoving my tits in someone’s face or anything, kwim? 😉 It’s nearly impossible. Seems everyone wants BIG Bazooooooms! Pad ’em! Push ’em out to HERE…*sighs*  I actually SPOKE to a sales person in desperation. Found something that might do but they didn’t have my size — 36B. She said “why don’t you try your sister size?” Um, what the heck is that?? For me, it’s a 34C.

A C???  That’s boobular!  I am NOT a C. That’s a BIG CUP! I’m trying to make them SMALLER, not BIGGER! *wails*  She didn’t get it. No one gets it!

*sighs again* What else? Oh, we’re having Date Night tonight and I hate Friday dates, as I’ve said. No facial today so I’m typing this while wearing that fun black peel off mask…and I have a deep conditioner on my straw-like mop. Seems my Good Hair was extremely short lived. I think karma is bitchslapping me for celebrating my ONE freaking Good Hair Day this decade.

Anyway, time to stop whining and start WINE-ING! 😉

Happy Friday!

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