Rico Suave

*singing* He’s a smooth operator…

Ah 12. Such a know-it-all…so “cool”…so clueless…

On Sunday night, I reminded him that the next day was Valentine’s Day and that I had very thoughtfully purchased some Valentines (with Hershey kisses b/c cards sans candy are Le Suck, right?!?!)  for him for his class. “OMG MOM! No one does Valentine’s anymore! That’s so stupid!!” and he *rolls eyes violently* at me. “OMG! How many are there?!” *whines* “Well, I’m not doing To: or From: because that’s stupid” (I ended up signing his name for him but the To: remained blank b/c of how stupid a To: would be, obviously)

Some, but not all, of the kids exchanged cards…and the nicest, prettiest, most wonderful girl gave him one of those awesome Lik Em Aid/Lik-a-Stick dippy candy thingys…they’re friends but she’s a grade above him and he only had done (using that term very loosely) cards for his class…so, Mr. Smooth goes “Uh, um…*digs thru bag*…hey, here’s one for you” and it’s one that had been given to him by someone else!  She was like “um, that’s okay” and walked away!

JFC child. A re-gifted Valentine?  And not done stealthily at all? Have I not trained you better than this???

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6 thoughts on “Rico Suave

  1. The girl a grade above him thought it was sweet and didn’t want to take any of his candy! He’s a cutie! It was the thought that counted!

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