And, now we have a Swear Jar

We started this program a little while ago in response to the vile things coming out of 12’s mouth while on XBOX Live. (do yourselves a favor, NEVER EVER get XBOX…and XBOX Live in particular…Devil Box…XBOX 666…you think I’m kidding? I am NOT!)  My favorite time, and what became the Final Straw, was hearing 12 scream “F*CKER” at the top of his lungs. A proud, proud moment for me. What made it worse? Flying down the stairs on my broom to confront him and his response? “What?” Like it was not a big deal and ‘stop bothering me, woman‘…Unrepentant. We’ll see about that!

Enter the Swear Jar.

Actually, we’re calling it the “Inappropriate Word Jar” b/c  some words, while not technically curses, drive me crazy and are wrong so they are on the Bad List!  I listed them on the side of my cutesy label…A words, D words, C words (not that they know what that is yet but I wanted to be thorough! lol), R word (hate the R word!), S words (to include “stupid” and “shut up” – the most commonly said “bad words” around here), H words (including the word “hump” that 9 uses when talking about molesting poor Otis)…you get the idea.

The fine? $1 per swear. I know, pretty steep!  My internet research showed that charging a dime or quarter per swear wasn’t enough of a deterrent. If the offender doesn’t have  $1 to put in right away, we put in an IOU slip. Poor 9 was in for $3 in 5 minutes when he couldn’t stop talking about how STUPID the whole idea was! lol  The playoffs almost bankrupted 12. We had to cut a deal b/c I lost count after the first 35 words (Ravens/Steelers – ’nuff said)…

So, my bright angels asked if it counted if they cursed in another language. Hmm. I think that’s okay. So, I checked out words like shit and damn, etc. Turns out other countries have much more colorful curses than we do! I couldn’t find “dammit” in Italian but I foundvaffanculo” and “Andate tutti a ‘fanculo”. In Spanish, I liked “Me cago en todo lo que se menea” and “tonto del culo”…lmao. Check out those websites…cursing is fun! 😉  I will have to ban them from googling cursing though…there are words in there that I think they’ve never heard of *begging*

The great thing is that I’ve only had to put a few $$ in since we started. Luckily for me, they aren’t in the car with me all the time to catch me! lol Recently though, 12 asked me what ‘ah-sweep-ay’ meant. (I’ve used this for years, thanks Hope) I ‘fessed up and said it’s “asswipe”…he just shook his head at me and said “I thought it was something in Spanish!”

I still find it funny that neither child has ever asked me what “douche bag” means. It’s my favorite thing to scream at other drivers. Not kidding.

**for the record, the Frug has yet to contribute even $1!! Testa di merda! lol**


3 thoughts on “And, now we have a Swear Jar

  1. Ok…all b*llshit aside…..I do believe the Nat’l Debt could be paid off if we had an Inappropriate Word Jar here at my casa……can you imagine !?
    Would have one on every floor….an extra one next to the PS3 ( where john would lose ALL his money cussing out the little computer animated NCAA fball players…poor little guys…doing their best…aww..)

    And my girl…as-sweep-ay is one of my alltime favs…so glad you’ve held it near and dear…..;-)

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