Blake Griffin — Evidence of a Dunk Contest SCANDAL?

Blake Griffin — Evidence of a Dunk Contest SCANDAL?.

Okay, I know this is NOT my usual fare. Why would *I* care about this?? Because, believe it or not, I actually WATCHED this the other night!  Me?! lol The Frug and I were out on our weekly date (after an entire WEEK apart *cue dramatic tears*) and this was on in the dive bar we went to after some yummy Thai food.

I hated this guy – Blake Griffin, LA Clippers. He was so showboaty and “LA”, kwim?  And this douchey slam-dunk-over-a-car biznaz repulsed me! And apparently, some clown on the internet is pissy b/c Blake hasn’t admitted this was a “stolen” idea. Whatever.

More importantly, I looked prettah hot that night. So hot that some clown TOUCHED me inappropriately. Seriously. The Frug was in the mens room and I felt a finger trace along the area where my shirt had ridden up above the back of my jeans. I whipped my head around and the guy next to me had that “innocent whistle” face on.  I switched places with the Frug when he came back….I can’t prove that the guy touched me but I just know he did. MFWTF?

Prior to that, a group of weirdos with full beards and knit ski caps got thrown out for harassing a waitress. The place was seriously rapey. I was worried that, if there were pinball machines there, it would end up being right out of The Accused, kwim?

Good times.

Oh, speaking of rape (nice and most unusual segue!), here’s Ashlee’s lovely addition to the Urban Dictionary


Being righteous or eager to tell your own rape story.

“Whoa, I didn’t know you were raped!”
“yeah, cause I’m not all rapenoxious about it.”
It’s no Cougwhore, but everyone must start somewhere, kwim?


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