Just a typical Friday night at home

Post dinner…

I’m cleaning the kitchen and reading smutty stories on my Ipad. #oldwhore

The Frug is watching TWIT (This Week in Technology) and Diggnation. #geekalert

12 is on his computer researching North Korea. For fun. “OMG, Mom! North Korea is so cool!” *rolls eyes* “Mom, I am totally going there when I’m older!” #welcometotheFBIwatchlist

9 is on his computer. Writing a script for an infomercial. An infomercial for the vacuum he is going to invent when he’s a grownup. It’s going to be called The Superficial 6in1. He’s now working on the testimonials. Jessica Smith, owner of a day care center called “Sunny Friends”, raves about the Superficial 6in1. Pretty normal stuff for a 9 year old, right? *winks*

Yup, just your average American Family. Nothing to look at here.


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