Eleventy Reasons Life Sucks for Me *dramatic sigh*

Busy week for me…(working friends, ignore this, it’ll just irritate you)

The school auction is this Sat. night. I have NOTHING to wear!! Last year, I wore an old dress and didn’t have freshly done roots and I felt yucky!! And had an “I look ugly ‘tude!” So, got the grays covered today and the dress is next on the list. Went looking yesterday…3 major Dept. Stores and not even one that caught my eye!!

Looking for:

  • Nothing bridesmaidy or Mother-of-the Bridey *shudders*
  • Stylish, but not TRENDY
  • Youthful, yet not too young.
  • Tasteful, yet not matronly.
  • Shortish, but not too short.
  • Flowy but not in a maternity dress way.
  • Covered up yet not nun-like.

Want to look like I’ve “tried” but not look like I’ve “tried too hard”, kwim??

And I’d like it to have a halter neckline and possibly be metallic somehow. *giggles*

What’s standing in the way of the Dress Quest?  Got a late start to it b/c the Frug has been on a Cleaning Frenzy since he returned from Barcelona. The other day, he decided to work on closets. Closets are to hold lots of items, right? Like “Whatever you do, do NOT open that closet!” (b/c shit is going to rain down on you!) The Frug and I disagree on this topic 😉 So, he did the major work on a stuffed closet (lots of huffing and puffing and exaggerated details – “COW!  I have worked on this closet for 8 straight hours! Minimum!”) He then gave me 3 “Hoarder Bags”, as he dubbed them, to go through. Harrumph. These were bags that had misc. stuff shoved in them when I had been given a “COW!  The computer room needs to be tidied up!” order. *sighs* The Hoarder Bags were fun!  Lipsticks that I bought and couldn’t find again…old receipts…magazines…poops bags (empty!) for the dog…swim goggles…free samples from Sephora…it was like a min-Christmas! lol


9 has Early Release tomorrow (1:30! WHY?!?!  Just to eff with me?!) Then, I have to chaperone his class on a field trip on Thursday. The last time I chaperoned, I lost 3 of the 4 kids I was in charge of and made one kid cry. <<<— Not kidding. Need a better performance this time. And 12 is off from school on Friday. Why? Just to irritate me, I think. Some sort of “Teacher Work Day” or other b/s. I can ignore him but I don’t feel good about it. Lol

Oh, and today is Fat Tuesday. FML. In the past, when I cared more and had energy to match, I made this into a mini-special occasion. And you can’t just unmake it, kwim? Which is why I’m currently sautéing onions and green peppers for seafood gumbo for tonight. That 12 and 9 will turn their noses up at — so I’ll make them pancakes instead.

Oh, and I am trying to lose weight, right? The freaking “roux” is like 7 sticks of butter and 5 cups of flour!! AAAHHH! Stupid diet. Ive been trying to diet for 1 month…I’ve lost 4, gained 2.5, lost 2, gained 1,lost 3…where does that leave me? Frustrated and hungry! Hangry! Emphasis on the ANGRY.

Woe is me…poor ,poor pitiful me…*wails* and *moos*


2 thoughts on “Eleventy Reasons Life Sucks for Me *dramatic sigh*

    • Hey! No dress. I have $$$$ dresses that I’ve purchased but not one is right yet. One more day to figure it out…and lost 20 lbs. *sighs*

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