Adventures in Beauty – Hair Edition

*sighs* When will I learn? Seriously. WHEN?!

I have hair issues, as you know by now…the color can only be done by one person who is GUD (geographically undesirable)…the cut? No one can cut it. Wait, to clarify…no one can cut it more than one time. Occasionally, I’ll get lucky and have someone who LISTENS and REMEMBERS what I’ve asked for. The REMEMBERING seems to be a downfall…the person will appear to HEAR me when I say LONG layers and DO NOT CUT IT SHORT AROUND MY FACE…but then the person seems to get into the cutting and then he goes into a cutting FRENZY.  Which is what happened the other day. Tuesday. I’ve been in a funk since then.

LONG LAYERS. LONG. Emphasis on LONG, right? I went back to the guy who gave me the quickie dry trim a month or so ago. Decided to give him a chance. *sighs* He appeared to listen. I even showed him a picture of my hair the day he did it for me!  Then the scissors came out and it was all she wrote. I could tell while he was blowdrying that it was shorter than I wanted but not terrible.  I didn’t leave there in tears or anything.

Then, it was time for me to do it myself. Didn’t have time to blowdry (mistake 1) so it came out looking like this:

This would be awesome if a) I was Meg Ryan b) it was 1987 and c) I liked myself with wavy hair. *groans*  I picked 12 up at school and he flung the car door open and shouted “OMG, MOM! I thought you got a perm and I was going to laugh in your face!!” (what a precious little gift from God he is)

So, I went home and straightened it and got it to look like this:

I would have to say it’s mullet-eque. Long mullet but still. It’s short around my face!! *cries* Short hair around the face = Fat Face!  Cute on these toddler boys from Full House, not so cute on a 45 yr old hag.

I’m tempted to never cut it again. Perhaps I’ll go for this look?

Mormon hair could work for me, right? With a cute poof on top?


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