Waxing Poetic? *snorts*

After a less-than-stellar bikini wax, I went to a new person, recommended by a Twitter friend. So embarrassing to have to answer “um, I have no idea” when asked “Who can we thank for recommending our salon?” since I only know the woman’s Twitter name!

Anyway, the waxer’s name is Hitomi and she is at Soma in DC. I was nervous for a few reasons…first of all, ASIAN. *sighs* I am always worried that I am horrifying their hairless sensibilities when I show them my fur. (and I’m not even just talking South of the Border here — it was a lovely Asian woman who told me to pretty much wax my whole face!) Second, I asked my Twitter friend if Hitomi was “thorough” and she said “very” which was both thrilling and scary, kwim??

So, I met her and she showed me the room and gave the usual info & then I stripped from the waist down and hopped on the table. She came back in and she had on what looked a bit like welding glasses crossed with 3D glasses! It was some sort of magnifying device. *schwing* Yes, thorough!! The first part was the expected: wax on, strip rubbed, and RIP. I keep my eyes squinched shut so I assume that’s what’s happening anyway ;-). Then, I had to do some yoga-esque moves w/1 leg up and out, etc. Same old, same old.

Then…it was time for the “back” DUN dun dun. Wasn’t sure how she would position me. My other person just had me lay on my side and lift a leg up and sort of hold half of my butt. Embarrassing but okay…I’ve heard of places that have you ass up on all 4s and I don’t know if I could do that!! I’m a delicate flower, kwim? lol Sooooooo, she said “roll over on your stomach” and she made a hand gesture that meant “spread“… OMFG…I had to lay flat on my stomach and hold my butt cheeks apart with my hands. *dying* So, she chitchatted with me as she applied the hot wax on my ass lips (the inside area of butt cheeks is called the ass lips?? Right???) I was so mortified…so much so that I started getting the giggles…the inappropriate giggles like you get at a funeral, kwim?? Face down into a pillow, fighting giggles while holding my butt flaps apart…good times.

Further embarASSment when she commented that I didn’t have much ass hair, as compared to some of her other clients. *dyING* At least I have that going for me, I s’pose? lol

Okay, so she finished and I was able to roll over…and not a minute too soon, kwim? She had the finishing cream and sort of took my hand and put some in it…she said “put it inside and around back…some people don’t like to be touched“…I was thinking “what? After the woman waxes all your intimate areas, people balk at the application on lotion?” Whatevs. *rolls eyes*

Came home and got out my own 10x magnifying glass and inspected — very pleased indeed! Worth the horror of the ass lips exposure 😉

Happy Saturday!

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7 thoughts on “Waxing Poetic? *snorts*

  1. I.can’t.breathe. Funniest thing I have EVER read. FYI for my ass I stay on my back and pull both kness up to my chest and spead my legs. YEP! So worth it. And I love you a rediculious amount.

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