Spa Week is coming!!

Click on the Spa Week link, enter your zip code and find out where the deals are!  $50 spa treatments!  I found massages, facials, laser hair removal, etc. for only $50! #stillnotFrugapproved *shrieks*  I also saw a $50 Endermologie treatment…am curious about this…I’m thinking it’s probably a scam…but, for $50 it worth a try, right? If nothing else, it’s a deep tissue massage/steamroller treatment for the thighs and butt! #win.


2 thoughts on “Spa Week is coming!!

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the post.

    Last time the closest spa was in Kansas City for me. (Fucking country gal here) But now there is one here offering some good stuff.

    Even two hours of free childcare. I might borrow a friends kid to give them two hrs of free childcare.

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