My Mecca, My Drug

Sephora. I worship all things Sephora. Just look at the AmEx and you shall see! *winks* It basically shouts PRODUCT WHORE at me. *sighs* and *smiles*

Anyway, I’m in the VIB Beauty Insider “Club”...which really just means I buy a lot of product 😉 I have very few vices, people…this just happens to be my big one!  I go in daily every once in a while. I like to see what new gift they have for 100 points or the biggie, 500 points!  (Cow, how is it a FREE gift if you have to spend a dollar to get a point?)

Recently, the 500 point perk was this super-cool gift from Smashbox!

The set includes:  Cream Eyeliner in Midnight Brown, Eye Shadow Trio in Vanilla, Champagne and Brazilian Bronze (PERFECT neutrals), Mini-sized Photo Finish Lid Primer (I’d never buy primer b/c I’m skeptical but this little trial size is really nice) and Mini-sized Lash DNA Mascara.  I used all of it on Saturday and my eyes were a-maz-ing (in my opinion lol).

Had to buy 2 items to reach 500 points. Never fear!  It was easy peasy,  lol.   I just bought 2 of the cutest Hello Kitty lip balms. They’re called Tokidoki Japan Gelato Lip Balm Stain. So cute! They go on super sheer and taste and smell delicious! I got Pink Martini (first of all, the name is WIN, right?) which is a sheer hot pink (Hello Spring!) and Skeletrina, a sheer grape stain. And they were only $9 each!! Frugal! 😉

So, I came out of there, only having spent $18(!), and had all those fun products!  *purring*

I sashayed out of the mall, swinging my fun Sephora bag, all smug. That was a very good day.


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