Saturday, Bloody Saturday

No, not another post about my periods 😉 Not to worry!

Saturdays are not fun in the Superficial Household. A day of rest? Hellz no. The Frug is a compartmentalized guy. During the work week, he is all business in his office. On the weekend? The household is attacked. Sometimes literally.

This particular Saturday was BLOODY for 2 reasons. One, it was AmEx bill time. This is always a rough day for me. I am called on the carpet to explain my purchases and then he “codes” them in our bill-thingy that he uses to track expenses. Two? *sighs* It’s the End of the Quarter and that means Report Time. Yes, I’m still talking about our family/household stuff even though I’m using terms like “EOQ” and “Reports”, etc.

He presented me (ha! Not a nice present, Frug!) with the EOQ report with Budget vs Actuals in all of our official categories. Spending was UP UP UP in certain areas. Care to guess which ones?  Kelly Grooming. Way the hell up. HOW?  I am so ungroomed and am getting more disheveled by the day!  And Kelly Clothing is also way up. Which seems impossible since I never have anything to wear!!  *wails*

Anyway, I managed to live thru the ensuing battle with merely some cuts and bruises and promises to do better.

Which reminds me!  My next post is going to be about the fun stuff I found at Sephora last week!  *winks*


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