Keratin Express – Update

Okay…since I last posted yesterday, I have washed my hair and let it air dry for a tiny bit — just to see if it would do the crazy wavy frizz that it wants to do. Nope. Did not. Then I blew it dry. It dried so so quickly! Win! Normally, after I dry it, I have to let it “rest” for a bit…it’s just one of the many weird things I do, moving on…anyway, after I dried it, it looked pretty darn good! No need to flat iron it. I repeat, NO NEED TO FLAT IRON IT.

Did I mention it was rainy yesterday? That usually means insta-frizz. Nope, not anymore!  Even when it got rained on a bit, NO FRIZZ.

12 had a lovely comment about it — “Mom, your hair is horrible!” Gee, thanks, jerk. And, he says “horrible” as “whore-ible” lol. He said it’s “too straight”. Bite me.

So, yes, it is a bit straighter than I like. And a bit flatter. But, honestly, how ME is that to complain about getting exactly what I said I wanted?! I thought it was looking too BIG and too WAVY. So, it’s flat and straight. Good, right?


I forgot that I look a bit like a tranny when my hair is too straight. And, I just had my color done and the brow color too. So, they are very dark…def. tranny. *sighs*

Oh, and I got a spray tan so now I’m actually like a tranny Oompa Loompa.

Sexy, so so so sexy.

Good thing all this shit is free, right? *giggles*


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