Hair Fail

*sighs* Well, the hair thing…the Keratin Express?? Harrumph. It’s supposed to be GOOD for the hair…intensive conditioning, etc. For the most part, it worked. My hair has been 85% frizz free, dries quickly, waves under control. I didn’t blow it dry at all on vacation. Didn’t use a flat iron on it. Nothing. Why?

Frankly, I was scared to touch it. There are a few sections that are FRIED. Frizzled. DAMAGED. I am p-i-s-s-e-d. Have an appt. tomorrow to have them look at it to see what can be done — Other than to CHOP said fried pieces out. I had just gotten that fresh new mullet I was so happy about, remember? *rolls eyes and cues up permanent sarcasm font* So, the pieces that are damaged are, of course, the ones around my face…they CANNOT be cut shorter. Seriously.

Sit back and enjoy my pain, peeps. Keep in mind, there are unretouched “self-portraits” and are meant to be dramatic *giggles*

I’ve been wearing it either in a ponytail or tucking the frizzled pieces behind my ears. Not cool. Actually, that’s not what I meant. I generally wear my hair like that anyway — BUT, the whole point of this process was so that I would be able to wear it down and loose and have it be gorgeously straight, frizz-free, long blonde hair flowing in the wind like a commercial, right??!!! *Growls*

Wish me luck. I may be a big frizzy bitch tomorrow. lol. Or a short haired bitch. frankly I prefer the frizz over short hair (b/c short hair makes my face look fat! haha and not kidding)

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One thought on “Hair Fail

  1. My stylist did not have good things to say about Keratin. But did say that Redken is coming out with a great product. Less costly smelly than Brazilian Blowout.
    Were those white nails btw?

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