Vacation Milestones

Reached two “milestones” of sorts with the kids on vacation.

One, 12 READ A BOOK FOR PLEASURE. I repeat, HE READ A BOOK!!!! I was literally bouncing with joy. He never reads —  “OMG, MOM, reading is so boring” (being bored is whore-able of course) but saw me with The Hunger Games and was intrigued. Once I was finished devouring it, I passed it off to him. He read all day on the beach and into the night. My heart was so full. I live to read. I love to read. And yet, til now, neither child reads for fun. It was painful for me, kwim? Anyway, the day we got back, he asked to go buy the next book!  That has to be Frug approved, right? Ordinarily, he wants us to use the local library BUT the next book, Catching Fire, was out of stock in all the area libraries…so, I had no choice, right?? Gotta strike while the want-to-read iron is hot!

The 2nd thing was funny…we went to Mass on Easter Sunday. Some resorts offer services on site, and others treat it like an “excursion” and try to charge you out the butt for it. This year it was on site and obviously Frug Approved.*smiles*  The service was in Spanish, which I found very interesting and cool…However, 9 kept poking me and giving me the glazed eyes and whispering “it’s so BORING”  12 actually knew a number of the prayers in Spanish and recited them smugly. (Not Jesus approved — smugness has no place in church, right? haha)  Anyway, when we went up for Communion, it was the host, like we’re used to, but it was dipped in the wine and then placed directly on the tongue (which I barely remembered how to do since it’s been eons since I’ve had it that way). So, the dipping in the wine? Pretty yucky. And it was Master 9’s first taste of sacramental wine. *giggles* I truly wish we had a picture of him coming back down the aisle with the wine soaked host in his mouth. He always looks like he has a small bird in there but with the wine? The look on his face was somewhere between pure horror and O-M-G-I-May-Vomit! Lmao!  Several people chuckled and the Frug and I had to have our heads down while we laughed at his pain 😉 One woman offered him a bottle of water to help him choke it down. Good times.

Best part? After church was over, he was worried that he would be arrested for having wine before he was 21. Silly and funny 9. *laughs*

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2 thoughts on “Vacation Milestones

  1. YAY for reading. Just keep him away from the HG fan fic stuff. I’ve heard that fan fiction can be quite addictive.

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