Quickie Hair Update

Well, they didn’t chop it off…YET.  They said that another client had a similar result (hello, tell a girl that upfront next time!)…so, they re-did the frizzed out pieces…just painted on the keratin, blew those pieces out and flatironed them. I couldn’t watch. Nervous wreck! lol So, it seems “fine” right now…we shall see what happens when I wash it and dry it myself. *fingers crossed*

Little shoutout to my friend Jen…who freely admitted that she had a little frisson of joy seeing the pix of my fried coif. Bitch!  Lol. But, believe me, of all people, I totally get that!  Like the feeling of smug joy I got when she would come back from getting a BANG up hair cut — you know, when they massacre your bangs, leaving you with the shortest fringe that takes months to grow out — BANG!

Good to know, that even in our mid-40s (*gasps*), we can still be bitchy teenagers. *giggles*

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One thought on “Quickie Hair Update

  1. Hmph..I don’t think that I said I felt *joy* at your fried hair…just that I was no longer feeling jealous of your keratin treatment, perhaps followed by a giggle of sorts. That said, I remember the particular BANG incident quite well, and it was completed with your karate chop to the middle of my forehead while shouting “BANG”. LOL, oh, those teenage days…

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