Oh Where, Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Adorable Firstborn Gone?

Oh Where, Oh Where Can He Be??


The Frug and I had dinner out last night with 9 and 12’s replacement, Sarcasmo, the Sullen and Obnoxious.  I hate that guy.

He’s not even a teenager yet!  How many years of eye rolls and snotty comebacks can we expect??

EVERYTHING was cause for a snippy retort. Luckily for me (sort of), the brunt of this falls to the Frug. Sarcasmo had comments for everything he did…

The Frug (ordering): “I’d like the antipasto platter. Does that have an onions in it?”

Sarcasmo: “OMG DAD! Did you even read the menu? It doesn’t have onions!  Why would it ?*shakes head* and *rolls eyes*

The Frug: “Excuse me, can I have a Miller Lite bottle?” 

Waiter: “We have it on draft, not in a bottle”

Sarcasmo: “I cannot believe Dad just tried to order a Miller Lite in a bottle. Unbelievable” *rolls eyes*

And there were general snorts of derision for all of us…including the restaurant selection.

Sarcasmo: “Oh great! Faccia Luna?? AGAIN?! WHY????!!!! Can’t we have any variety??

Sarcasmo: “Perfect, 9 chose the restaurant. Great.” #sarcasmfont

Me: “Well, we’re going out to celebrate his straight As on his report card” *smirking*

Sarcasmo: *belligerent glare*


Waiter: “Would you like another Coke?”

Sarcasmo: “No, I’m okay

The Frug and I: “It’s No, thank you, not just NO

Sarcasmo: “What??? I didn’t want another one”

Us: “You say NO THANK YOU to be POLITE”

Sarcasmo: “That’s stupid. You guys are crazy.” *rolls eyes*

In “conversation” (in quotes b/c there was no actual conversation…just the Frug, 9, and I trying to speak to one another and avoid 12’s replacement’s evilness)…

Sarcasmo: “Well, that’s unfortunate”

Sarcasmo: “That’s just great. Great job. Really” *rolls eyes*

Sarcasmo: “WHAT?? WHAT?? OMG, what is your problem, MOM?”

Sarcasmo: “Can we just go now?”

The Frug and I kept looking at each other like, “Who the F*CK is this kid and can we just leave him here?” Well, that’s what I was thinking anyway 😉

So, parents of teens, how many years of this bullshit can we expect? It’s already getting very old.

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4 thoughts on “Oh Where, Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Adorable Firstborn Gone?

  1. Oh dear…*shakes head* it will get better. We had Miss Crabass Knowitall, Mr. Rulesdon’t Applytome, and the Spoiled One. Teenage bad attitudes have marred vacations, parties, weddings, most meals, and nearly every drive to church in the last 8 years.

    I have found that it gets better when they learn to drive. That’s because you don’t see them as much after that. Once they go away to college or leave home for a spell, they seem to come back different people.

    In the meantime, have faith, remember how much you love them, pick your battles wisely, and don’t let them get to you.

    Good luck,

  2. The fun is just beginning!! But it will end. Usually about the time all your hair is pulled out and you’re on the verge of having child protective services called in…


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