Drinking Problem

No, no…it’s not what you think. Well, not really *winks*

So, I’ve been dieting *sniffles* and it’s been difficult to say the least. Seems the only way to get rid of flab at this accursed age is to actually give up eating the things you love. *gasps* Like SUGAR and FLOUR. But, desperate times called for desperate meaures. So, I can happily share that I’ve shed a few lbs. by *gasps* not eating white sugar and white flour. Which are 2 of the main ingredients in COOKIES, aka my kryptonite, as you know.

So, how does one DRINK whilst dieting? So so so hard. I suppose the real solution would have been to not drink. *falls over laughing* I know, cut that crazy talk!!  At home, I’ve started drinking the Skinnygirl Margaritas BUT I drink it over ice with Diet 7Up. (white trashy, yes, I realize that) But, I get the fun of a cocktail without a million calories!  WIN!

So, another wrench in my plan was the selection at the Iberostar that we stayed at in Punta Cana. Technically, they had everything…beer, wine, all alcohol…but none of Mama’s special pink wine (the bastards!) and I can only drink so much champagne before I fall asleep 😉 So, mixed drinks?? I can’t do vodka (burns a hole in my stomach) and so I decided on rum…and I don’t like rum and Coke Light aka Diet Coke (sue me) and so then mixers were an issue.  Adding fruit juice or a full sugar soda would have messed up my “diet”… No diet tonic water!  No Diet Sprite!  WTF?!

Ready to hear how white trash and CRAZY I was? It’s really over-the-top and maybe I shouldn’t even admit it? *sighs* I have no shame. I would order rum and club soda (no sugar, no calories) and then mix in Crystal Light drink mix powders that I brought from home. Judge away, beeches! But, the little drink mixes are so good!  If I got a tequila and club soda and mixed in a little Crystal Light lemonade it was almost a margarita!  Rum and club soda with some Crystal Light fruit punch was almost a Rum Punch!

Horrified? *giggles* A fat girl’s gotta do what a fat girl’s gotta do! (repeat but sub the word OLD for fat)


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