Becoming Quite the F*ck Up


Had a weekend at the beach with friends!  Woo! Sort of rainy for most of it but that was fine. Not quite ready for full-on sunshine…especially since I have my period and am apparently attempting a Water Retention World Record. (and I would mention that I’m also in poop-retnetion mode but that would be TMI, right? lol)

Anyway, some screwups…#1…almost ran out of gas on the way to the beach. WTH??! I always fill up before we leave. And we stop to pee every 45 minutes…why didn’t I stop at a gas station then?? No, I waited til there were LITERALLY no gas stations within a 10 mile radius. I was so nervous I was nauseated. Ugh. AND #2, I let 9 get a sunburn on Sunday!!  It was overcast for, for some unknown reason, I ignored the fact that the sun can burn you through cloud cover…and let the child with skin the color of skim milk go sans sunscreen. UGH.

Where is my brian these days??!!!  Senile already?


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