Whipped Cream Dream

I love sugar. I miss the heck out of sugar. Not that I haven’t plummeted off the wagon at times BUT I have kissed most white sugar good bye. *sloppy sniffly kisses*

But, a girl has to have something sweet, right? So, I’ve been making sugar-free Jello every single night. Black Cherry is my current favorite. But, what goes on top? Even I, Miss Plain, must top it with something!  Whipped cream, baby!  It’s nearly sugar-free and makes everything it touches seem more decadent, kwim? Even lame ass sugar-free Jello!

To squirt or not to squirt…that is the question. Reddi Whip or Cool Whip?? What’s your preference?  I’ve always been a Cool Whip girl. They even have it in fat-free or sugar-free now. (but not both at the same time…why?)    The Hungry Girl blog does a great side by side comparison! (in case you don’t check the link, they recommend Reddi-Whip Fat Free over Cool Whip Fat Free)  I’ve always sort of liked how fake it tastes, in a weird way. *chuckles*

Reddi-Whip Fat Free…the kids prefer this over Cool Whip. Which is fine with me…I happened to check the stats…5 calories per serving. FIVE *jumpy claps* What’s a serving? 2 tablespoons. *shakes head, confused*

Really, Reddi-Whip?? 2 tbsp is not a good way to measure your product. Honestly, who gets out a measuring spoon and squirts Reddi-Whip in it? C’mon! (and even Cool Whip – do you actually measure it?? Hell no)  Be realistic. *scoffs* Tablespoons, Puh-leaze.

The way it should be measured is by “seconds”…as in, squirt product in mouth — I mean bowl — for 2 seconds — that equals 10 calories or whatever.  Right?

Btw, the can says that there are 40 servings per can. So, 40 x 5 is?  200 calories for the entire freaking can. Spraying an entire can o’Reddi Whip down my gullet. Now, that would be decadent. And yet virtuous. *giggles*

This could actually be a new ad campaign or something…like, how many seconds does it take you to consume an entire can of Reddi-Whip? (remembering the “how many licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop”?  Like that but fatter and messier)


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