Truthy Truth

Was nursing a complete undeserved hangover yesterday. Really pissed about it too. I’d had ONE margarita and 2 sangrias. THAT’S IT!!! And the next morning I get a pounding, behind the eyes, wanna scoop my eyes out with cold spoons, hangover. C’Mon!  What the heck?!

Anyway, as I stewed over how unfair the Hangover Fairy was, I saw this on Twitter:

 “@TheMeanMom: It’s amazing how when you’re even a little hungover, any type of edible pig product absolutely hits the spot.”

True Fact. I must have some sort of pig, preferably of the pan fried bacon variety, to feel somewhat better. Why is it so gooood? Is it the salt? Or the fat? Or the delicious combo of the 2?

Anyway, ADVIL, some kind of fried pig, bubbly & delightful Diet Coke (fountain is best but can will do), a mess of eggs…and a good dump…all is right with the world again.

Who’s with me??!

** Btw, the Mean Mom??? I am in LOVE with her. She’s on Twitter AND Facebook. Friend her or follow her. She is all kinds of hilarious.

In case you’re wondering what 4:00 on Friday feels like after getting up early and surviving a busy week, it feels like ass.

I heard someone say that being a SAHM in the summer isn’t brain surgery and I guess she has a point. After all, surgeons are appreciated.

I’m finally going to get my garden planted today, if only so that I have stuff to make the salsa that’ll be washed down with my margarita.

I’m going to a family reunion today and was actually pretty excited about it, but then I heard some horrific news: “No Jody, we are not getting a keg.” That confirms it… I really am adopted.!/TheMeanMom


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