Faint Whimpering Noises on 6/24/11

1:26pm on 6/24/11. Did you hear muted crying and faint whimpering sounds? ‘Twas me.  That was when Kelly Time came to a screeching halt — 9’s last day of school for the summer.  Btw, “for the summer” actually is a misnomer. Poor 9 has to be back to school on 8/2!!!! What a GD ripoff for him, doncha think?  Works so well for ME *winks* but you have to feel sorry for these kiddos who go to year-round school.

So, we’re a few days into “summer” here and I have to say I’m over it! lol Been playing Mommy Taxi for 12 who seems to only want to be anywhere but here, kwim? Everything else “sucks” and is, as always, “boring“…and Master 9 has been talking my damn ears off.  Mostly about his crush on Selena Gomez (Mom! I think she should eat more candy b/c I like her fatter!) and his Disney Channel shows (I feel like it’s Groundhog Day with the theme song from Suite Life on Deck on repeat) Oh, and making up inappropriate songs for my listening pleasure. Need examples? Well, Friday was the day of These-People-Have-Wronged-Me to the tune of BINGO (was his name-o).

“There was a boy who was mean to me and Nah Veon was his name-o” (many childrens names used and Grievances varied)

And today, at the pool (loudly)…to the tune of some obscure Barney song:

“I drink chocolate milk and my penis gets bigger!

Kill. Me. Now.


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