Blah Blah Blah

Got an earful of guilt from Aunt Sage. “I haven’t spoken to you in a WEEK!” Ugh.  Does she really want to hear my same-old boring ass crap every day?  Even if I “save up” I don’t have enough exciting “news” to make it thru 5 minutes of conversation. *dramatic sigh*

Well, let’s see…today, I went to the gym and the grocery store and did a return at Target…Hmm, I also did a couple loads of laundry. Later on, I may take 9 to the pool. Oh yeah, the backyard is full o’dog shit so I think I may clean that up. And, if I’m lucky and manage to escape from Otis AND 9, I may sit and take a dump in peace. Maybe. If there’s time.

That makes for super fun phone conversation, right? *rolls eyes*


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