When is Shopping NOT FUN?

NEVAH!” you scream! Right??  *sighs* Well, I am in the midst of “Not Fun Shopping”…looking for “comfortable shoes” *gasps* for our big vacation (TONS of walking rather than our usual beach-pool-booze-sloth program). So my adorable strappy-platform-cork-wedges will not cut it. *curses*

Don’t try to suggest “cute flats” to me. Oxymoron — Cute and flats. Not for this stumpy legged, stout calved girl. Must have a bit of a heel. Perhaps a wedge? We’re going somewhere where you sort of need to be “stylish” and yet “appropriate” (which is always a challenge for me, kwim?! haha)

When I think “comfortable shoes” I always get an image from summers at my Grandmother’s house. Her next door neighbor always wore open toed sandals with thick nude pantyhose (probably knee-highs *shudders*) AND, it gets worse.  Really. She didn’t shave her legs so there was always thick leg hair sticking out of her pantyhose. I remember always staring at it in fascinated horror.  Tried to find fun images for ya:

How cute is she walking her dog?!?!

Now, mentally add coarse leg hairs sticking out of these sweet stockings

Anyway, all this is not helping me find shoes. God help me, I even found myself in Aerosoles today.   Shoes, forgive me! (say in a “saints, preserve us” old Irish lady way)  I went to Clarks too. *shudders* and The Walking Shoe Company…Bless their fug-ass shoed hearts, they do try to make them cute. Yet they fail, every time.



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