GSD – Getting Shit Done

GSD = Getting Shit Done. This is what I’m up to. Or, at the very least, trying to do.  Have a very serious deadline to Get said Shit Done…not that I haven’t known about it for about 6 months. *sighs*

I thought my friend Kellie’s husband Damon (btw, how HOT is the name Damon?? Maybe b/c my fave vampire on Vampire Diaries is Damooooooaaaaaaannnnn played by the uber-sexy Ian Somerhalder *drools*) Wait. What was a I saying?

See? This is why I struggle with GSD. Attention span of a gnat. I start doing something “important” (read as: deadly dull chore meant to suck my life force from me) and then I start thinking of something, perhaps a certain Robert Pattinson, or get on Twitter or Facebook and then the day is ovah.

Wait, I was saying that I thought Damon came up with this GSD business as a way to tell his wife get her act together!  Turns out, there are lots of people who need to GSD.

Like me…now procrastinating by thinking of fun posts I’d like to write! haha!  Speaking of…saying GSD is making me think of BFD AND of DSB. *giggling* I am truly a teenage boy in a middle aged woman’s broken down body.

Here’s the Urban Dictionary version of GSD:

Getting Shit Done / Getting Stuff Done.

When you’re through with complaining about all the work you have and you just plow through it because it needs to happen. Can occur as a day, a certain block of time, a week, etc. Often seen in Facebook statuses towards the end of the semester.

GSD is brought about through severe bout of procrastination, not getting work done on a regular basis, therefore needing to set aside long amounts of time to disappear and get shit done.

Brett is at the library GSD.

Isaac is GSD from 8-12; no parties tonight.

Brittany has hereby declared this to be GSD Week. Let the games begin.


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