Musings on Common Decency, Intimacy, Love and Sh*t

So, today’s post is an attempt to ferret out what is the Right Time in a relationship to be exposed to the dirty side of one’s partner. Was speaking to a “friend” who is in a newish relationship (more than 1 month in but less than 6)…her man has apparently unilaterally decided that’s it’s okay to fart in front of her. She has, naturally, protested that it is Not Okay.

Is it “okay?? He said he thought she wanted them to be more “open” with each other. She probably meant EMOTIONALLY (dumbass men!) and he took that as “Hey, it’s time to open up my anus!”

And, there’s more…*cue ominous and smelly music*

This guy, who I am pretty sure she really likes, left a POOP in the toilet – UNFLUSHED and she found it!!  *horror film music shrieking in the background*  That is something you just can’t “un-see”, kwim??

Sooo, what do we think???  Was it too soon for all of this exposure to his feces and odors?? Or is this a “sign” that he loves her and wants her to know all of him???

Personally, I think NEVER is a good time to have to see your man’s shit in the toilet. Seriously. Again, it can’t be un-seen. *shudders*  The farting?  Sadly, men seem to revel in their farts and want to share them with the world. *sighs*  Really no escaping them.  Farts in bed and “dutch ovens” are a Hard Limit though — no one should ever have to deal with that.

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