Quick Rants

1) Why did no one warn us that Italy is pretty much a cash-only society??  It seemed that very very few places took credit cards. We knew that AmEx wasn’t readily accepted so we did “leave home without it” lol…but even MasterCard was difficult to use. I didn’t expect street vendors to take a credit card but even the entrance fees for Pompeii and other sites were cash-only. The poor Frug had to get like 300 euros a day. And btw, the dollar is NOT doing well…it was $.66 to each 1 euro.  It felt like “real” money versus pesos which feel like Monopoly money to me! ( I can see the Frug shaking his head in disgust when he reads that! lol)

2) *waves to Coke executives* There is a SEROUS shortage of Diet Coke aka Coke Light in Italy. Serious. In Sorrento, I was able to get it but in Porto Cesareo, I had to go to a supermercado to buy liter bottles of it (and pay cash, of course) to hoard at our place!  Restaurants did NOT have it.  9 refused to give up. He asked for it everywhere we went…tenacious beast.  I found myself having cappuccino in the morning. ME!  And forget skim milk…they gave me a quizzical look when I ordered my cappuccino with skim milk. One waiter explained that they have 50% skim but not skim. Ooookkkkaaay. When in Rome, kwim?  (12 kept asking “WHY DO YOU KEEP SAYING “WHEN IN ROME“????! WE ARE NOT IN ROME YET” lmao)

3) *frantically flailing* AND, each can of Coke Light was at LEAST 5 euros. FIVE!  Sometimes more!  So, about $8 per can?!?!?!  The Frug was not pleased. A large carafe of lovely house red was about 4 euros…sooooo, that’s what I drank! Me!  Red wine!  So much better than here at home. Less “tannin” or whatever the stuff is that dries the bejesus out of my tongue. Wished 12 was older so we could make him have wine instead of soda or water 😉

To Be Continued…forever it seems…lmao


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