So, where was I?

Soooo, I think I’m on Day 2 of our European Vacation, right?? First day, not so good to put it mildly. Don’t worry, I’m not planning on giving you the daily grind on this stuff but…

So, I packed our bags on Weds. July 13th. Said good bye to them in DC at 1pm. Expected to embrace them with joy on Thursday morning when we arrived in Rome. Guess when I next saw them? MONDAY, July 18th at 6pm in Sorrento. MONDAY!! FOUR (expletives deleted) days.  It has to be a record, right?

Each day, we would get back to the hotel for siesta (God, what an amazing concept! Viva Italia!) and ask the front desk people “Have our bags arrived?” and have them look at us with pity and shake their heads. It was funny for the first day or 2 but by day 4 I was seriously ready to cry.

Honestly, who goes to Italy TWICE and has their baggage lost TWICE? That’s right. The Frug and I went to Italy in 1998 and they lost our bags then too. I think we got them on our 2nd day there…spent a lovely day at the mall in Verona (yes, home of Romeo and Juliet) shopping for clothing. And I was 6 months pregnant.  (what kind of idiot flies internationally while pregant??) Maternity clothing wasn’t not readily available back then…and kids clothing was difficult to come by this go ’round. Poor 9 spend 3 days in the same shorts b/c  we couldn’t find shorts in his size!!

As for me?? I had to go find a BRA in a foreign county…and…a BATHING SUIT!!! Horrors!!! It’s hard enough to find those things at home, kwim?  AND Delta’s lost baggage policy is that they “may” reimburse us for “up to 50%“… 50%!!!!! MFWTF? Back in ’98, we had $150ish per day to play with… I don’t know how this is all going to play out. The Frug is mentally drafting some sternly worded letters 😉

So, since we didn’t know how much we could conceivably spend, we went to a SUPERMARKET that sold clothing too. Yes, I bought a bra in a food store. And guess what? It’s pretty awesome! Plain white with convertible straps! Win! I couldn’t find shorts to save my life so I ended up with a charcoal gray pencilish skirt and 2 white tops (one loose tank and one short sleeve tee). Blah boring. And the bathing suit? It cost about 6 euros and is a skimpy black triangle number *blushes*…I figured I could adjust the triangles with the ties, right?  I have to admit, it looked pretty good 😉

I just HATED that I had planned on these fab outfits – cruising around Capri wearing X!  Touring Positano wearing Y! – and ended up in my supermercado duds or in my washed-out-in-sink airplane clothes. *sighs*  You cannot put a price tag on that kind of shame. lol

To Be Continued…


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